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Dr. Alan Arrington 1523308362dr.alan_Arrington

My career began by achieving my medical degree from the University of Alabama in Birmingham.  I went on to complete an internship in internal medicine at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California, had residencies in internal medicine at Oschner Medical Foundation New Orleans, Louisiana, neurology and internal medicine at UC Davis Medical School in California. I completed fellowships in pulmonary diseases, sleep disorders medicine and age management medicine at Tulane University and Stanford University and with bo
th Age Management Medical Group as well as the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

After 20 years of pulmonary and critical care I elected to pursue a different form of practice involving both hospitalist medicine and continuing my long-standing interest since graduating from medical school in emergency medicine, a field in which I was board eligible.

I have always been interested in cutting edge medical science and was one of the earliest to be board certified in sleep disorders medicine when the field opened up in this country.  I have pursued and been interested in Anti-Aging medicine and Age Management medicine since 2000.  Having done in excess of 1000 hours of continuing medical education and seminars/fellowships, I have been, and am an active member of the Age Management Medicine Group and of the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine.  My training in this field has included metabolic and nutritional management, advanced metabolic cardiovascular medicine, traumatic brain injury, weight management, stem cell therapy, peptide therapy, aesthetic age management, advanced

Dr. Runels & Dr. Arrington

endocrinology and bio identical hormone therapy as well as genomics and advanced immune therapies. I have had training in and am a practitioner of GainsWave therapy, PRP, “P” Shot and the “O” shot procedures pioneered by Charles Runels, MD.

My age management practice will emphasize personalized medicine. My excitement in GainsWave therapy as well as in anti-aging medicine in general centers around the ability to prevent illness, enhance longevity and cure underlying conditions.  In the 20 years that I spent in pulmonary and critical care I was often saddened by the fact that all I was doing was treating end-stage disease, much of which could have been prevented with proper health management and further chagrined by the fact that in those fields I almost never “cured” anything.  It is with great enthusiasm I begin my clinic in the sort of personalized medicine that I have trained in for the last 18 years.


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